Did you see the 'Remote Access' article in November 2020's AgJournal (with Roger Fletcher on the cover) by Sue Neales?

It is a fascinating read for those looking to increase profits through utilisation of agtech and automation. Did you know that in 2019, more than $90 million of capital flowed into new agtech ventures? In the article, Sue Neales predicts the 10 biggest ag changes in the next decade as:
  1. Smart interactive livestock eartags
  2. Virtual fencing and eShepherd
  3. BioGenetics
  4. FutureFeed
  5. The Yield and Internet of Things
  6. Circular Farming
  7. Complementary cropping and regenerative agriculture
  8. Urban, vertical and soil-free farming
  9. Fewer Livestock
  10. Carbon and soil farming
From SwarmFarm robots, to automated headers, water analytics and drones to satellite spatial images, agtech success lies in helping farmers solve their problems.

The big question is, does the investment justify the outcome? We can help you to look at the financial outcome of different scenarios so that you can make an informed decision about which direction to head in when it comes to improving your farm operations.

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