ImagePost HeadingDate and AuthorIntroduction SentenceLink
files/images/content/Scam alert.jpgCoronavirus Special Update23/03/2020 by Smith Thornton AccountantsGovernment's Stimulus Package in response to the Coronaviruscoronavirus-special-update
files/images/content/BlogHomepage/chess.jpgCovid 19 - Business Planning23/03/2020 by Smith Thornton AccountantsWe are receiving a number of enquiries from clients worried about what impact COVID-19 will have on their businesses.covid-19---business-planning
files/images/content/BlogHomepage/blue-arrow.jpgCoronavirus - Federal and State Government Assistance to Business17/03/2020 by Smith Thornton AccountantsCurrently the Federal and State Governments have outlined the following assistance to small business.coronavirus---federal-and-state-government-assistance-to-business
files/images/content/BlogHomepage/crystal-ball.jpgWhat happens when a Discretionary Trust Vests?08/02/2019 by Smith Thornton AccountantsThere is a lot of confusion as to what happens when a Discretionary Trust reaches its vesting date.what-happens-when-a-discretionary-trust-vests
files/images/content/shutterstock_1149593039.jpgCase law update - Casuals v Permanent Employees6 July 2020, Smith Thornton AccountantsIf you engage casual employees, make sure you're aware of the latest
files/images/content/markus-winkler--fRAIQHKcc0-unsplash.jpgHave you reassessed your eligible employees for JobKeeper?19 August 2020Update to the JobKeeper subsidy for employeeshave-you-reassessed-your-eligible-employees-for-jobkeeper
files/images/content/Piggy bank.jpg2020 Federal Budget Announcement21 October 2020The 2020 Federal Budget Announcement on 6 October included significant measures to encourage consumer spending and drive the economy out of its current state.2020-federal-budget-announcement
files/images/content/Calculator.jpgHave you Updated your Tax Withholding Tables?Dean ThorntonThe updated withholding rates apply from 13 October 2020 and employers should implement the new rates by 16 November.have-you-updated-your-tax-withholding-tables
files/images/content/Scam alert.jpgJobKeeper Email Scam21 OctoberWe have become aware that there is a JobKeeper email scam doing the rounds.jobkeeper-email-scam
files/images/content/Kicking goal.jpgBusiness Owners in Control and Kicking GoalsJenna van NieropHave you ever heard of the saying “Most people that aim at nothing achieve it every time”?business-owners-in-control-and-kicking-goals
files/images/content/Succession planning image.jpgSuccession Planning – Getting StartedJenna van NieropIn basic terms, succession planning is the process a business or family goes through to determine what each participants’ role will be when the existing business owners, farm owners, or key employees enter into retirement or decide to exit the business.succession-planning--getting-started-
files/images/content/True or false.jpgClaiming false tax deductions – it affects accountants too…Simon SmithThis is a case where two tax agents were habitually making incorrect tax deductions on behalf of their clients, and the consequences saw them put out of business.claiming-false-tax-deductions--it-affects-accountants-too
files/images/content/Yacht.jpgInheriting assets – the hidden tax implicationsRebecca WillissIf you have inherited or are likely to inherit an asset in your lifetime, keep reading...inheriting-assets--the-hidden-tax-implications
files/images/content/Farm machinery.jpgAgtech helping farmers solve problemsRebecca WillissDid you see the ‘Remote Access’ article in November 2020’s AgJournal (with Roger Fletcher on the cover) by Sue Neales?agtech-helping-farmers-solve-problems
files/images/content/Tree.jpgThe Outsourced CFORyan McLarenOver the past few years the rapid development of cloud based software systems has seen the rise of outsourced roles within many businesses. Cthe-outsourced-cfo
files/images/content/Retirement.jpgApproaching retirement and scaling down - Case StudyJenna van NieropFred and Fran Farmproud had been cattle farmers in the Great Southern for decades. They farmed three parcels of land with operations that consisted of a cattle stud, breeders and cattle trading.approaching-retirement-and-scaling-down---case-study

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